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guoxuEE MTB Mountainbike Fahrradsattel elastisch atmungsaktiv Radfahren Sitzkissen Pad-schwarz

von guoxuEE
Preisvergleich Produktbild guoxuEE MTB Mountainbike Fahrradsattel elastisch atmungsaktiv Radfahren Sitzkissen Pad-schwarz
(1) the performance of the nose pad without paralysis (nose) phenomenon will cause the blood circulation of perineal extrusion
(2) traditional nasal cushion will be oriented, characteristics of orientation, and this product because there is no front end protruding bird head ", so the supporting point can change at any time, acceleration, rest, according to their own preferences change supporting point between the thigh to the sciatic, so there is no" stress concentration "" friction "in perineal or inner thighs.
(3) the seat can be adjusted to the ischium spacing didn't feel comfortable riding, can instantly adjust the spacing
(4) after a few minutes, you will find a smooth and very smooth, no burden. Step down the thigh without a slight opening.
(5) after the ride will not cause thigh friction phenomenon, because there is no bird head, there is no sense of oppression

Cus... function:
To reduce the friction between the buttocks and the cushion,
Will not let the male oppression to the lower part of the lower body of the testis easy freedom without a burden. More free space.
Reduce the burden of urinary system. Lower erectile dysfunction
Have a better shock absorption when the trample
There will be more women riding the buttocks appressed effect of enhanced force ability
Elastic design of bend pipe. The effect of upper and lower buffer relief,
Suitable for long distance, short ride
Integral forming cushion. Contour modeling in line with human factors design
Through the SGS shock test after 6000 km test, and 180 kg weight.

Pro... Name: Mountain Bike Saddle
Product material: Polyurethane foam pad + PVC leather + non-woven reflective stickers + PP bottom shell + suspension steel arch
Color: Black
Product Size: 200x180mm

Package Included:
1 x Ergonomic MTB Mountain Bicycle Bike Saddle
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