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iUcar 5ft HDMI-Stecker auf Cinch-Video-Audio-AV-Kabeladapter für PS3 PS4 Xbox One Wii

von iUcar
Preisvergleich Produktbild iUcar 5ft HDMI-Stecker auf Cinch-Video-Audio-AV-Kabeladapter für PS3 PS4 Xbox One Wii

Easy to install, plug and play.
Strong compatibility, applicable for equipment such as computers, television, high-definition equipment, etc.
Pure copper wire, provide the best high frequency response, to provide you with the best great experience.
Twisted-pair wires impedance matching process, minimize signal cross harass, ensure error-free transmission signal
High wear resistance, flexibility.

Specif... Length: 59.05''/150 cm
Color: Black
Connectors: HDMI TO 3RCA cable

Package includes:
1 x Male Adapter Converter Cable

1. This product can only convert the signals from digital to analog, but not analog to digital. And if you want to convert analog to digital, you should buy a conversion device separately.
2. This product is only suit to signal transmission between HDMI and HDTV. It do not support computer to HDTV unless your computer graphics card itself has a decoder to support mutual conversion between analog and digital.
3. This product can only achieve the connection from HDMI plug to RCA, but not RCA to HDMI plug.

Buyers, please note!!!!! This cable is used to TV, not directly from the computer, DVD, for PS3, set-top boxes Other device with HDMI interface to TV To achieve high definition please cooperate with converter or TV, computer graphics itself has a decoder To support
Some buyers said it useful, Some say it not, but the cable is the same, not the quality issue, it's the usage problem. Please consideration carefully before bidding

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