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Arrocerías Antonio Tomás Santo Arroz Bomba D.O.

von Arrocerías Antonio Tomás
Preisvergleich Produktbild Arrocerías Antonio Tomás Santo Arroz Bomba D.O.
Arrocerías Antonio Tomás
For the very best paella you need to use Bomba rice. Bomba is known as the "king of paella rices". The rice will absorb 3 times its own volume of liquid (as opposed to 2 times of normal rice). The grains expand in width like an accordion to form little "bombs" hence the name "Bomba", but still remain distinct. This means that the rice is able to absorb even more of the succulent flavours of your paella stock, making that paella even more special.Each bag should make about 10 generous portions of paella. The rice comes in a traditional cloth bag, which a bit like a bean bag, you can't stop holding !!. Each bag is also individually numbered with D.O. label (Denominacin de Origen or Denominacio D'origen as it written in Valenciano !!) confirming both its quality and provenance.Bomba is both a slow growing and low yielding rice and was virtually driven out by the more commercial viable varieties, Luckily, thanks to the gourmet rise in status of paella and other rice dishes, the "Bomba" variety has continued to be grown and now attracts premium prices. Our rice is grown in the heart of the famous Albufera Natural Park, South-West of the city of Valencia. This amazing natural wetland is separated from the sea only by a small strip of land as has been an area of rice production since the time of the Moors. In fact it was here that paella as a dish was first eaten
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