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Japanese Kit Kat Airport Special kyoho Grape mini 3 pcs

von JP KitKat
Preisvergleich Produktbild Japanese Kit Kat Airport Special kyoho Grape mini 3 pcs
JP KitKat
Another new flavor from Nestle's KitKat luxury series to complete!!! New face in the Japanese Kit Kat luxury mini bar series, "Kyoho Grape" is now available for all the KitKat fans all over the world!! This series are sold at sevral very limited places and it is rare to get those ones even in Japan. Kyoho is a kind of grape which was developed by Japanese man in early 1900. The word sounds similar to Kyoto but it is so different, don't mix them up. One piece of huge Japanese budo grape grows 10-12 grams. "Kyo" means huge, and "hou" means grape in Japanese. The top 3 prefectures of production is Nagano, Yamanashi (where Mt. Fuji is), and Fukuoka. If you are a big fan of other unique Japanese Kit Kat flavors such as green tea, wasabi, Japanese sake, rum raisin, sweet potato, hokkaido melon, etc., you can't miss this one, either! The purple package box looks so cool and noble. It should be perfect for a visited-Japan gift. On the back of the package, there is a blank box so you can write a message to someone. It is unknown if this flavor will stay out there, so you should get the violet jewelry-ish fruits flavor while it's out there on the market!!
It can be melted and deformed under the high temperature. The maker says that the quality and taste don't change even if melted. Thank you for your understanding.
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