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Pioneer DJM-250-K DJ Console

von Pioneer
Preisvergleich Produktbild Pioneer DJM-250-K DJ Console
We are breaking the mould once again with the release of the DJM-250: the industrys first sub-£500 mixer to boast two sound colour filters and a range of professional features. 21 September 2011 An absolute favourite among professional and hobby DJs alike, quality filters are usually confined to high-end mixers. But now with the Pioneer DJM-250 two-channel mixer, DJs can combine EQ effects with not one, but two filters to perform mixes that sound like they were meant to be. The DJM-250 is loaded with 8 inputs to connect with an array of sources, including 1 MIC input for MCing at parties. The mixer mirrors the layout of its bigger brothers to deliver the professional experience. Plus the XLR balanced output guarantees the high quality sound expected from our club standard mixers, making it perfect for DJing at home, parties or in music bars. This is the first time DJs can get their hands on a high quality mixer with two filters without having to break the bank. Add that to the DJM-250s pro features and youve got a mixer like no other on the market.
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