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VST Drum Sessions: Heavy Rock

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Make no mistake, when we say Heavy Rock, we mean monstrous, headbanging grooves that will shake up your mixer and drive the vermin out of entire city blocks. Featuring all heavy styles and replete with impresive ride tom grooves and vicious double kick drum patterns that even the finest real drummer would be hard-pressed to match. Great for authentic-sounding drums in VST or creating your own drum loops. Featuring: - 20 multitrack grooves created and played by real, professional studio drummers, professionally pre-processed and recycled uing ReCycl! technology by Propellerheads. - The first and only drum library providing the sound and feel of real drums combined with the handling ease and flexibility of MIDI Files. - Always ready, affordable even for "no-budget" productions. - REX files give you full control over tempo (+- 30 bpm at least) quantization, groove and mix - without time stretching, without any loss in sound quality. - What you hear is what you pay for: Significantly less storage consumption compared to conventional audio recordings thanks to recycling. - Hear the difference of highly professional quality, feel and dynamics - you'll never want to use programmed drums again! - Unique, newly produced material. - All instruments on separate tracks: Kick, Snare, HiHat, Tom 1/2/3, Ride 1/2, Crash 1/2, Percussion 1/2 - All songs ready for instant use - premixed and pre-arranged for maximum ease, yet maximum flexibility. - Arranging Unlimited: Drag parts, tracks or patterns from one arrangement into another - MIDI tracks equivalents included allowing you to double or exchange audio tracks with MIDI drum or to trigger FX devices for chord gating and additional synth filtering. - Triple Disc Set! Plus additional CD-ROMs with Steinberg software demos - Audio CD for quick and easy browsing - Safe Sampling - The Wizoo guarantee of original and license free samples. No licensing, registration or additional fees to commercially use the sounds.
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