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[UK-Import]Style your iPod - Inkjet printable skins for the Apple iPod Touch 2g and 3GS

Preisvergleich Produktbild [UK-Import]Style your iPod - Inkjet printable skins for the Apple iPod Touch 2g and 3GS

Design and print your own unique skins at home
Personalise the front and back of your phone. Use your own pics and photos or create your own unique design with the software.

These skins are made using a durable vinyl material with high tech adhesive that leaves no residue. All you need is an inkjet printer to produce your own photo-quality skins. There's even a built-in alignment system... just pull up the tabs and your device fits right inside. No more problems putting it on straight.

Express yourself by creating a customised skin with your favourite photos, artwork, team logo, or anything else you can think of. We make it easy. You make it cool.

The skin maker design software also creates matching wallpaper for your device. Copy this image to your device and set it as your wallpaper to add that amazing WOW factor.

Your personal look in 4 easy steps

1. Personalise your design
Get creative with the software*
2. Print
Works with any inkjet printer†
3. Apply
Easy-align tabs ensure perfect fit
4. Change
Changing moods Changing styles
No problem. Change your skin!

Now you can easily design and print your own unique skins at home

5 blank photo gloss printable vinyl skins. Access to downloadable design software (internet connection required) 5 practice sheets.

System Requirements - PC
Operating System - Windows® XP/Vista or Windows® 7
CPU Type

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