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Rubie's 3909877 - Supreme Edition Darth Vader Adult, STD, schwarz

von Rubie's
Preisvergleich Produktbild Rubie's 3909877 - Supreme Edition Darth Vader Adult,  STD,  schwarz
There are really only two ways to become the deadly Sith Lord responsible for the collapse of the Jedi Order. You could spend years training as a Jedi, then walk a troubled path between light and dark before you finally snap and end up hunting down any Jedi who opposes you, only to be defeated by your former Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Then, you'll finally be reconstructed as a mechanical-humanoid hybrid by order of Emperor Palpatine. The other option, which we think is a lot safer, is to just gear up in a replica Darth Vader Fancy Dress Costume, fully recreated from the Star Wars movies. Sure, it might lack the suspense of all that other stuff, but who really wants to get stranded on Mustafar, burning alive with most of their limbs chopped off by a lightsaber Trust us, just get the licensed outfit instead. - Faux Leather Belt w/ Light Up Box - Outer Cape - Light Up Chest Armor - Collar w/ Shoulder Guards - Codpiece - Jumpsuit - Voice Module - Inner Cape/Robe - 2 Piece Molded Helmet - Fabric Head Cover - Pair of Gloves w/ Gauntlets - Pair of Shin Guards - Full Color Packaging Box for Items Purchased New Only.
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