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Wilde Tiere Elektronische Haustiere - Eyegore

Preisvergleich Produktbild Wilde Tiere Elektronische Haustiere - Eyegore
Get your own pet spider with Wild Pets Spider. Pick up your pet spider and pet him. Your touch controls his behaviour but beware he feels and moves just like a real spider! Leave your spider alone and he will creep around in a small area. One touch will put the Spider in explore mode but if you press and hold the sensor look out as your spider will be in Attack Mode and will chase down any target! With LED colour changing light up eyes to indicate what mode your spider is in. Creepster, Eyegore, Chiller and Wolfgang each have their own distinctive colour. He is the Wild pet that you can tame and turn into the coolest pet you will ever have You can control the spider with the touch sensor on the back and make it your pet to creep or explore or attack Watch his eyes as he explores or goes on an adventure or prank attack at your command Ages 5 Years
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