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A New Generation 360 Degree 2D Laser Scanner - RPLIDAR A2

Preisvergleich Produktbild A New Generation 360 Degree 2D Laser Scanner - RPLIDAR A2

The RPLIDAR A2 is the next generation 360 degree 2D laser scanner (LIDAR) . The system can perform 2D 360-degree scan within a 12-meter range. The generated 2D point cloud data can be used in mapping, localization and object/environment modeling.

The typical scanning frequency of the RPLIDAR A2 is 10hz (600rpm). Under this condition, the resolution will be 0.9°.
And the actual scanning frequency can be freely adjusted within the 5-15hz range according to the requirements of users.

The RPLIDAR A2 can take up to 8000 samples of laser ranging per second with high rotation speed. And it breakouts the life limitation of traditional LIDAR system so as to work stably for a long time.

The RPLIDAR A2 adopts the laser triangulation measurement system developed by SLAMTEC, which makes the RPLIDAR A2 has excellent performance in all kinds of indoor environment and outdoor environment without direct sunlight exposure.

The RPLIDAR A2 comes with a rotation speed detection and adaptive system. The system will adjust the angular resolution automatically according to the actual rotating speed. And there is no need to provide complicated power system for RPLIDAR. In this way, the simple power supply schema saves the BOM cost.

Before leaving the factory, every RPLIDAR A2 has passed the strict testing to ensure the laser output power meet the standards of FDA Class I.

1, Smart toy's localization and obstacle avoidance.
2, General simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).
3, Environment scanning and 3D re-modeling.
4, Service robot or industrial robot working for long hours.
5, General robot navigation and localization.
6, Home service /clean robot navigation and localization.

Packing List:
USB Adapter x1

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