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Bluesound PowerNode schwarz, Streamer mit Verstärker

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AMPLIFY YOUR total Music Experience. Just add Speakers. Hear Every Detail of the World 's Most Accurate 24-Bit/192kHz Studio Master Recordings in FLAC lossless Format (ASSUMING your Speakers are up to the challenge). Also Plays WAV, AIFF, AAC, WMA, MP3, and other Standard Audio Formats with Gapless Playback. Next Generation Stereo. The PowerNode is a bi-amplified Music Streaming Player that delivers and Crystal Clear audiophile-grade Sound to any room in your home. Centered around a Patented Direct Digital Amp that keeps the audio signal 100% digital from end to end, the PowerNode is the fastest and highest bit-depth Digital Music Player on Earth. Just connect your favourite Speakers, OR ADD The Bluesound Duo - A custom-tuned Satellite Speaker and Sub Woofer Kit for the PowerNode and get immersed in the ultimate HiFi Experience.

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