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We Made A Wish And You Came True Wall Decal

von N.SunForest
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Application method:
1. if you are attached to the surface of the glass or ceramic tile, as its relatively smooth material, you'd better use a clean colth to dry the veneer before paste, which will easier to paste and better effect.
2. Take the transfer membrane layer out, do not touch the adhesive surface, then lay the transfer membrane with the decal together.
3. Use squeegee to stick the decal and transfer membrane to the surface, be careful to remove all bubbles.
4. Peel off the white paper, use squeegee to apply the decal on a wall.
5. Peel back the transfer membrane ensuring your wall decal is fully adhered on a wall.

Please kindly noted:
1. This sticker poster is suitable for smooth and even surface, not suitable for rough or complex surface.
2. If the adhesive wall damp, aging or just painted a new paint, the paste may cause the wall stickers automatically fall off, or cause the wall to Wallpaper off, you can use the hair dryer to dry the wall or until the paint is volatile for some time and then paste, But the effect may be different, so please carefully choose the location posted.
3. Different computer display colors differently, actual item color may slightly vary from the images.

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