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LEXPON Scent Dispenser Perfume Spray Air Refresher LCD Automatic Timer Non-aerosol

Preisvergleich Produktbild LEXPON Scent Dispenser Perfume Spray Air Refresher LCD Automatic Timer Non-aerosol
Material: ABS Plastic
Color: White
Size: 8*8.6*23.5 CM
Battery: 2* 1st battery
Installation: Wall mounted
Function: Air Refreshing
Operation instruction has been expounded below

Application areas:
families, enterprises and institutions, gifts, office, bathroom, star hotel, hotel,
entertainment, office building, beauty salon, photography, train, car, waiting room,
conference room, hall, factories, hospitals, entertainment and fitness center such as Internet cafes and other densely populated or need to add flavor.

1. Press the ON/ OFF button once when the display shows OFF. The machine will be shut down and no spray, but the screen will display the information such as time.
2. In addition to this occasion, the rest of the reset button keys are invalid to work normally. When the LED green light interval, the display shows normal time.
3. When the battery symbol keeps flashing, it means it is low battery, you need to replace the new battery.
4. Take out the battery after one minute to replace the new one, it will keep the previouse data.

Package included:
1X Automatic Scent Dispenser
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