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Homever Cool Cold 5V USB Mini Laptop CPU Cooler Air Extracting Exhaust Cooling Fan

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Preisvergleich Produktbild Homever Cool Cold 5V USB Mini Laptop CPU Cooler Air Extracting Exhaust Cooling Fan

Cool Cold 5V USB Mini Vacuum Laptop CPU Cooler Silent Air Extracting Exhaust Cooling Fan for Notebook


- Extremely mini compact; after added with a silencer tube, silent experience; double ball high power cooling fans, fast cooling; with cool ice blue light;

- Manual mode: In manual mode, the fan speed can be controlled manually by the manual adjustment knob;

- High-speed motor: It adopts double-ball high-power cooling fan, which can operate effectively with high power for a long time. It will not affect the life of turbofan due to incoming dust. It has the advantages of quiet, high speed operation and large wind; the measured drop temperature can be 20-30;

- Anti-skid device: strong anti-skid coefficient on both sides, firm and simple;

- New look: use a variety of game carving elements. With a cool concept, tailor-made, beautiful carvings;

- User-friendly product design: each is equipped with 4 kinds of air guiding sleeves to cope with any notebook air outlet. The air guiding sleeves can be compatible with notebook computers with different heat dissipation ports on the market;

- Submarine class sealing device: precision manufacturing, low carbon and environmental protection, high density materials;

- High-gloss mirror treatment process: the product texture is upgraded again, the visual effect is more impressive;


Brand: Cool Cold

Product model: Bingmo 3

Colour: Black

Product type: mini 5V multi-color network version

Product size: 110*76*38mm/4.33*2.99*1.50"

Fan size: 60*25mm/2.36*0.98"

Product net weight: 163g

Product gross weight: 200g

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