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Aqua Cats 02 - Bad Girls

Informed on who and about what doesn't matter now. Lisa blind sided and dragged in the swimming pool. From over the shoulders of her male assassin we witness her galland struggle to hold her breath, keep her clothes on and most importantly - stay alive. Clothes shredding, bubbles galore, massive breasts high heels and frightening realism are featured. Keeley is bound with waist and wrist restraints, collared leashed and dumped into the pool. The Madam Tormentor grills her for information and is merciless with her repeated dunking, collar yanking and standing on top of Keeley; all to keep her submerged, out of breath, under control - and ultimately, lifeless. Sammi then tackles the Madam to the bottom of the pool with poth hands around her neck. Then topside for some severe hair pulling and smashing drunks, until every bubble is slammed from the Madam's lunge. Lingerie, fetish gear, long hair, wicked shoes and two breathless struggles to hold on to their lives. Two foxy blond won't stand for their cousin to inherit the estate. Yanking her underwater, the topless cousins battle it out for breath, and bank control. All toes are painted red, bare feet, lags and body control are featured. Vintage bikini's, twin hose scuba gear and an innocent find of submerged treasure, leads to a spectacular scuba catfight. Features vintage dive gear and two awesome underwater femme fatales in clear spring water. Two bikini clad babes in an indoor swimming poole are challenged by two tennis hussies in full dress, including panty hose. A game of chicken starts it off, but then the tempers fly. Massive underwater exhaltations during this rowdy cat fight. The cloths get shredded, the bikini's fly off and the bubbles rise with the tempers!
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