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Buddhism in Sikkim (DVD)

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About the CDThe film, in three parts, takes you on a journey through the fascinating and no less inspiring story of Buddhas life, his teachings, Buddhist practices, the emergence of two sects Theravada and Mahayana, and the coming of Buddhism to Sikkim via Tibet in 15th-16th Century. The ultimate goal is to reach Buddhahood stage beyond Nirvana and the path is through six paramitas or transcendental precepts and practices of virtues generosity, morality, perseverance, forgiveness, connection and wisdom. It is not an easy job to become a monk, who has to undergo nine years of hard training in a monastery. The monastery is a complete world by itself, with all the facilities. Monastery is not a simple building, but has a set design, intricately carved with mural paintings and structures, in which Mani wheels and Thangka paintings have their own significance. Watch how Tibetan Buddhism and culture gets merged with indigenous practices in Sikkim. Have a peep into the life of Lepchas.1.Sikkim A Landscape of Mahayana Buddhism 31.0 mts2.Buddhism in Sikkim Life in Monasteries 30.00 mts.3.Buddhism in Sikkim : Traditional Medicine Painting & Artifact 28 mts.
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