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Forbidden Cinema Presents: Vintage Smokers From the 1920s and 30s by Various

Preisvergleich Produktbild Forbidden Cinema Presents: Vintage Smokers From the 1920s and 30s by Various
This scintillating collection of vintage X-rated films from the 1920s and 30s is just as steamy and sleazy as anything made today! It was almost immediately after the invention of the motion picture camera that the first pornographic films went into production. While those early movies slipped through by masquerading as art films, the increased censorship of the 1920s meant that these raunchy pictures had to be watched wherever people could find a closed door -- brothels, gentlemen's clubs, firehouses, basements.Now illegal, they were called stag films, blue movies, or smokers. Even the processing of these films had to be kept secret, with many of them developed in bathtubs that once were used to make bootleg gin. If you were lucky, you might meet a traveling salesman who had one of these racy shockers in their possession. But if you were caught watching them, you could end up in jail! In this collection you'll see a Park Avenue socialite have an affair with her faithful maid, a tough guy getting a delivery of secret plans from a blonde femme fatale, and a case of mistaken identity that works out well for every member of the party involved. By the time it's over, you'll realize that the good old days were anything but innocent! Includes:Mixed RelationsMidnight Til DawnThe Payoff! Golden Shower
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