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Craftsman Evolv 3 pc. Adjustable Wrench Set by Craftsman

von Tools Supply
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Tools Supply
A 3 pc Adjustable Wrench Set That's Durable, Ergonomic and Value PricedGet this durable Craftsman Evolv 3 pc. Adjustable Wrench Set for value and quality that lasts. You'll enjoy using tools designed with an ergonomic grip that makes your job easier every time. The wrenches are easy to adjust too, with knurled controls that fit their jaws to precisely match the fasteners that you need to turn. The set includes 6, 8, and 10 inch sizes. These are the most useful adjustable wrenches for a wide variety of jobs.This 3 pc Adjustable Wrench Set has easy to turn knurls that smoothly adjust the jaws to the job. The wrenches are also rust resistant so they are good for a lifetime of use with reasonable care. The tough construction shows the kind of durability that will never disappoint you in the middle of a job. These wrenches are the quality choice, and the value choice too, because you get Craftsman quality at a great Sears price.• The Craftsman Evolv 3 pc. Adjustable Wrench Set gives you value and quality• Easy to turn knurls adjust the jaws precisely to a wide range of fasteners• Ergonomically designed handles make your tough or all day jobs much more comfortable• Durable rust resistant construction to give you a lifetime of hard use with a minimum of reasonable care• 6in., 8 in., and 10 in. wrenches let you handle almost every type of fastener with ease• Overall best choice for durability and comfortable use in adjustable wrenches

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