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Preisvergleich Produktbild Mininch Tool Pen - Mini A Plus Edition (Gunmetal) by Mininch

Mininch Tool Pen - Mini A Plus Edition (Gunmetal) by Mininch

von Mininch
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THE SCREWDRIVER, REFINED. For this mini version, we still stay the smartest Pop-A-Point design of Tool Pen. Rather than carrying many screwdrivers or a box full of bits, now you can flexibly collect and interchange all demanding bits like replacing refills of a pen.;EVERYTHING IN ONE. The bits will be compactly stacked within the barrel, and cycling them through is pretty fast & simple. It's lightweight & portable that you'll easily carry around and use it on the go.;VARIETY OF BITS. The bits sizes & icons are printed on all sides, and the window shows which ones are inside. Each Tool Pen mini holds up to 5 bits. The pen body is machined by aluminum, and the material of precision bits is upgraded to high- quality S2 TOOL STEEL.;BEAUTIFUL. The Mininch Too Pen Mini is as form as it is function. The unibody aluminum housing is machined from aircraft grade material. It's ergonomically designed to be held and turned easily by a few fingers. A magnetic cap keeps the tool portable and pocketable. And it's available in anodized Champagne Gold, Gunmetal, and Snow Silver colorways.;HANDY. There're 22 types of bits including special Torx Security and Pentalobe bits. You can flexibly work on fixing multiple devices such as small electronics, game console, laptop, tablet PC, mobile phone, toys, music equipment, glasses, wristwatch, as well as many household gadgets & personal ornaments etc. with a single all- in-one pen anytime & anywhere.

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