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Preisvergleich Produktbild 2mm Keramikkugel Si3N4 Siliziumnitrid G5 Präzisionskugel für Kugellager Welle Spindel Motor 100pcs (2MM)

2mm Keramikkugel Si3N4 Siliziumnitrid G5 Präzisionskugel für Kugellager Welle Spindel Motor 100pcs (2MM)

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Ceramic ball, especially silicon nitride ball with low density, high hardness,
low friction coefficient, wear resistance, self-lubricating and good rigidity,
especially for high-speed, high precision and long life hybrid ceramic ball bearings rolling body.

1, high hardness. Ordinary Gcr15 bearing steel Vickers hardness of 800HV, silicon nitride ceramic ball hardness of 1300HV or more.

2, high wear resistance. Ordinary steel ball milling (margin of one millimeter) takes about 2-4 hours, while silicon nitride ball processing requires at least 150-200 hours.

3, corrosion resistance. The stability of ceramic materials is the best, especially silicon nitride ball, almost no chemical reaction with any material, widely used in petroleum, chemical, food and other industries need to contact strong oxidants and strong reducing agent.

4, high temperature. Ceramic ball in the sintering process to go through thousands of degrees Celsius high temperature and great pressure, its internal molecular structure is very stable,
very dense arrangement, which makes its thermal expansion coefficient is very low, the temperature changes on its structure size has little effect.
Ceramic ball working temperature can reach 1200 degrees Celsius or even higher, low temperature on its impact is also very small, so in the field of space is widely used.

5, light weight The weight of ceramic balls is only 50% -60% of ordinary steel balls, promising in the field of bearings and aerospace.

6, self-lubricating. Ceramic ball itself has a good self-lubricating properties, high precision machining. Can achieve G5, G10 level, ceramic ball wear and structural stability, not easy to deformation, so it can be finished, applied to many special industries.

7, insulation. Ceramic has a good insulation effect.

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