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Preisvergleich Produktbild Owoda MCUV / CPL / ND4 / ND8 / ND16 / ND32 Linsenfilter Set für DJI MAVIC PRO Zubehör (3 IN 1 Combo (MCUV+CPL+ND8))

Owoda MCUV / CPL / ND4 / ND8 / ND16 / ND32 Linsenfilter Set für DJI MAVIC PRO Zubehör (3 IN 1 Combo (MCUV+CPL+ND8))

von Owoda
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Product Features:
- Using high quality optical glass lenses, with stable optical properties and high optical homogeneity
- Multi-layer coating films, can filter ultraviolet and miscellaneous light, and present more realistic image effect (The more layers of coating film, the higher the transmittance, and the lower reflection is.)
- Ultra thin & ultra light & high definition & high transmittance, Low reflection, and reduce bad influence of photos causing by reflection and refraction
- Molded frame with accurate size, ultra-thin and no dark corners, Gorgeous gold stamping, fashionable, artistic and elegant.
- Black dumb filter frame, can effectively avoid miscellaneous light entering the lens
- Won't affect the gimbal self-inspection
- Waterproof, oil-proof, scratch-proof, effectively protect MAVIC camera lens.
- Easy to use, directly installed
(Check: The filter bottom is aligned with the golden circle on camera.) - Elegant package, small size, portable to carry

Cleaning steps:
Blow off the dust on filter surface.
Clean again with a soft brush
Gently scrub the filter lenses with cleaning cloth.
It is more effectively that cleaning with professional clean out fluid.
Note: Do not wipe the lens with tissue, it may leave more paper fiber on the lens because of static.

CPL Filter:
Absorb polarized light in the sky, reflective light of water or glass and other nonmental material, to take a more saturated picture.
Shooting a very blue sky, underwater objects, something behind the glass, etc.

MCUV Filter:
Decrease blue cast and blue gray causing by ultraviolet ray, increase light transmittance. Improve the image quality of clarity, and make the distant scenery more clear.
seaside, mountains, snowland, open filed, etc.

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