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Preisvergleich Produktbild 10 Inch LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Writing Board with Lock Function Notepad Portable E-Writer by Wicue (Green)

10 Inch LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Writing Board with Lock Function Notepad Portable E-Writer by Wicue (Green)

von Wicue
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WICUE LCD Writing Board Electric Notepad
You must have to do list or shopping list for daily life. Sometime you want to leave messages for family member or friends. Or your kids need writing and drawing board for scrawl and doodles.

Instead of jotting things down on paper, how about trying this new gadget-LCD Writing Board for RECYCLE USING. WICUE LCD Writing Board will prove "every penny worth".

Work like real paper and pen
WICUE eWriter writing tablet's pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push - just like paper and pen.

Size: 170*245*5mm 10 inch
Net Weight: 193g/6.8oz
Material: ABS
Battery Power: Coin Battery
With Lock Function

Why shall WICUE LCD Writing Board
* One Click Removal (Note: With Lock Function)
* No Backlight, no harm to eyes. Light Green
* Paperless- Environmental protection
* Versatile gadget tool for family, school students and even gift use
* Handy communication tool
* Easy Writing- Stylus (recommend) & finger nails
* Safe Material- Made of nontoxic ABS plastic

How to replace the 3V Coin Battery
When the erasing function fails, please consider replacing the button cell.
1. Take out the screw
2. Push the switch on the right side
3. Pull the battery case
Kindly note
Battery Life under Frequent Using: 12 Months
Battery Life under Long Term Storing: 2 Years

Warnning: Not for kids under 3 years old. Contain Small Parts. Warning choking hazard.
Please refer the User Guide before use.

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