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Preisvergleich Produktbild uni-ball POSCA (182678) Marker mit breiter Keilspitze, neon rosa

uni-ball POSCA (182678) Marker mit breiter Keilspitze, neon rosa

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Great for use in the home, school or for the professional, can be used to decorate countless surfaces giving a permanent result on porous surfaces or the flexibility to remove and recreate your designs on non-absorbent surfaces. Used professionally on Black boards and Windows. A very versatile styling tool, combining the rich opaque colour of poster paint with the accuracy and convenience of a marker. Permanent on most absorbent surfaces such as: Wood, cork, polystyrene, paper and card. Remove & Recreate (non-Permanent) on non-absorbent surfaces such as: Black Boards, Windows, Glass Ceramics, PVC, Decorate Pebbles, Balloons or even your Wellies! (to remove use a warm, damp cloth to wipe). Used professionally to make signs on windows and black boards.
Instructions for use:Before use, shake the painter well with the cap closed. Press onto the tip repeatedly until the ink is visible in it (do not continue once the ink appears in the tip as this may overload it). Try using the painter on a piece of scrap paper first (not on the object to be painted until you are sure the flow is smooth). After use, close the cap well.

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