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CAME DIR10 / DIR 20 Infrarot Compatibel Lichtschranke

von CAME
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Universal Infrared photocells that are fully compatible and can fully replace your CAME DIR10 and DIR20 photocells. Works with 12/24V AC/DC power supplies. Manual and mounting screws included in package. Swing Gates Require Two Sets of Photocells For swing Gates you need at least two sets of Photocells to get proper coverage. Double swing gates are better than singles when using Photocells because the distance between the inside and outside set of photocells is less, where as if you have Photocells on a 4m swing gate, the distance between Photocells must NOT be more than 4m, so if you get a really short car stop between Photocells, the gate still could close on it. It's best to place the Photocells as close to the gate as possible to reduce the chance of this happening.///We are fully committed for 100% customer satisfaction. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PURCHASE PLEASE CONTACT US!

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