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Preisvergleich Produktbild Airblock: The Modular and Programmable Triphibious Drone, Aircraft and Hovercraft 2 in 1

Airblock: The Modular and Programmable Triphibious Drone, Aircraft and Hovercraft 2 in 1

von Makeblock
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What will become of toy bricks that can fly plus visual programming
Modules are linked via magnets and Pogopin, thus able to transform without screws and wiring.
Download Makeblock app onto intelligent terminal, and link with Airblock via Bluetooth to use remote control and visual programming features.

Aircraft Mode
Airblock's standard form is a 6-axis aircraft. The app has a Standard mode controlling function.
Built-in is a variety of Aircraft stunts. User can also customize a combination of stunts.
Its propellers include a special design, which prevents accidents of scratching due to high-speed rotation.

Hovercraft Mode
Simply adjust the angles of 4 power modules and install a base to turn the aircraft to a hovercraft. Able to travel on flat grounds and calm waters.
When in Land mode, Airblock can become a high-speed drifting race car; while in Water mode, Airblock can also become a boat that gently rows down the waters.
Control and Programming
Install Makeblock app on smartphone or Pad, and connect via Bluetooth to remotely control Airblock.
Main control module has in-built sensors like the ultrasound sensor, barometer, gyroscope, etc, and RGBLED light, in which the data collected by these sensors can be received in the app's Programming mode; also user can control the RGBLED light and every motor to learn its programming and make creative designs.
App download website: http://learn.makeblock.com/cn/makeblock-app/

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