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Bosch 96152 Engine Water Pump

von Bosch
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This item will fit specific models of Hyundai, Kia. Please ensure correct part fitment before purchasing this product. Contact the seller directly for additional product information and availability.Engine Water Pump. Mechanical Water Pump. 100 New for maximum cooling and optimum performance. Restore your vehicles cooling system to proper working order and minimize the risk of premature failure by installing a Bosch 100 New Water Pump. Bosch Water Pumps are designed to operate in the highlystressful environment of todays cooling systems. Each pump features 100 new OEMquality components. Nothing is remanufactured. Count on Bosch 100 New Water Pumps for superior performance and maximum service life and be assured that the heart of your vehicles cooling system will pump reliably for years to come. Bosch is one of the largest global suppliers of automotive products developing manufacturing and supplying precision OE components and systems to vehicle manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket.Bosch is a globally recognized manufactures of tools auto parts and equipment in a wide variety of industries and is respected for their quality and innovation

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