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Preisvergleich Produktbild Camp Kitchen Utensil Set - by Front Runner

Camp Kitchen Utensil Set - by Front Runner

von Front Runner
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Front Runner
High quality stainless steel kitchen utensil set. Everything you need for cooking and eating can be hung at the campsite and rolls up securely for safe rattle free transport. These are not your typical cheap and easy to break throw away camp utensils. The composite handles offer a comfortable and weighty grip. Triple rivited knife handles with double rivited fork and spoon handles. The steak knives feature high quality micro-serrated edges. CONTAINS: 4x serrated knifes 4x steak forks 4x dessert spoons 4x tea spoons 1x chopping board 1x paring knife 1x bread knife 1x carving knife 1 x serving spoon 1x spatula 1x BBQ/Campfire fork 1x Bottle opener and corkscrew. The entire kit fits in a custom tool style roll with flap adjustable straps and buckles and carrying handles. Also features loops so the roll and utensils can be hung for quick and easy access. Product Dimensions: L 450mm (17.7 ) x W 210mm (8.3 ) x H 50mm (2 ) Weight: 1.91kg (4.2lbs).

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