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Preisvergleich Produktbild Power Free Fan for Fireplace Wood Ovens Fuel Cost Saving 4 Blades Stove Fan Fan Heater Fireplace Chimneys Eco Friendly

Power Free Fan for Fireplace Wood Ovens Fuel Cost Saving 4 Blades Stove Fan Fan Heater Fireplace Chimneys Eco Friendly

von GalaFire
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The Heat Powered Stove Fan N429 fits almost all freestanding stoves.  No electricity required,just place it on the top of stove,with a surface temp between 50-350¡ãC (122-662¡ãF),the fan will create its own electricity with the heat and circulate warm air 220CFM (cubic feet per minute) throughout the whole room with 17% fuel cost saving.

1) Circulates warm air throughout the room
2) Self-powered by heat,speed automatic controlled by temp of stove top
3) Don¡¯t need electricity,no running cost
4) Compact design,height only 189mm
5) Start to work at temperature 50¡ãC(122¡ãF)
6) Safe,its inbuilt protection system to stop them overheat
7) Maximizes efficiency of stove
8) Silent operation,no noise,ready to use out of box
9) Eco-friendly,reduce emissions of stoves


- Material: Anodized Aluminum
- Product Dimension: Height189mm,Width180mm
- N.W.: 0.5kg
- Color Box Size: 17cm x 11cm x 20cm
- Starting Temperature:50oC(122oF)
- Maximum operating temperature 350oC(662oF)
- Optimum operating range:80-250¡ãC(176¡ãF-482¡ãF)
- Air Flow:220CFM
- Starting Up Time(200oC):28-50 Sec
- Running RPM:900RPM
- Silent operation,the noise less than 25dB
- Warranty:12 months
- Certificate:CE

- Magnetic Stove Thermometer:Diameter 63mm,monitor temp from 100-800¡ãF(40-425¡ãC).(+/- 10%),placed on the stove top or side,or single wall pipe

What to Do If Noise
If there is noise caused by the spinning fan,please check the fan blade,normally it because the blade is a little bent,rotate the blade with your finger,find the bent part,fix it to the right position by hand,no tool needed.Sometimes it may happened after shipping.As the blade is aluminum,not iron or other hard materials,so it¡¯s also very easy to be fixed.

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