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Driv3r [UK Import]

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DRIV3R recreates the excitement of a Hollywood-style blockbuster action film and combines it with the adrenaline rush of an action-adventure video game full of sinister criminals, nail-biting car chases and international crime syndicates.
Featuring Hollywood-caliber production values and a gripping, narrative story line, DRIV3R casts players once again as undercover cop Tanner who, alongside his partner Tobias, must infiltrate a global car theft ring, an assignment that leads to tyre-squealing chases and fierce on-foot firefights while tailing gangsters, chasing witnesses, stealing cars and unloading massive clips of ammo to bring the criminals to justice.

Innovative in-game "Thrill Cam" Plus "Director Mode" to make your own movies. Featuring the acting talents of Michael Madsen, Ving Rhames, Michelle Rodriguez, Mickey Rourke and Iggy Pop. 25+ Plot integrated missions, driving games and free roaming modes included. 3 Meticulously re-created cities with over 156 miles of roads: Miami, Nice and Istanbul. Over 70 completely destructible vehicles such as cars, bikes, trucks and boats. Real world weapons including handguns, machine guns and grenade launchers.

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