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Projektor Modell Tracer 400 300 artograph

von Artograph
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Projektor Modell Tracer 400 300 artograph
technische Einzelheiten der artograph Projektoren ProjektorVorlagenglasBeleuchtung maximalvertikale Projizierunghorizontale ProjizierungGewichtMini Tracer9 x 9 cm100Wnicht möglich4 - 8x1 kgTracer13 x 13 cm100Wnicht möglich2 - 10x1,4 kgPrism18 x 18 cm550W0,80 - 3x10,80 - 20x23,6 kgSuper Prism18 x 18 cm550W0,80 - 3x10,80 - 20x24,0 kgDesigner15 x 15 cm275W0,70 - 4x10,70 - 30x2,7 kgDesignMaster15 x 15 cm275W0,70 - 4x0,70 - 30x3,6 kgDesignMASTER II15 x 15 cm550W0,7 - 3,5x0,7 - 30x6,0 kg  
 1) möglich mit Tischstativ (Zubehör)
2) mit Reduzier-Linse 0,55 - 20-fach
Dreidimensionale Objekte können mit dem Mini Tracer, Tracer, Prism und Super Prism projiziert werden.
A versatile art projector for the beginning artist or crafter, and Artograph's bestseller. The Tracer® enlarges any design or pattern onto a wall or easel from 2 to 14 times the original size. Projected image can be easily traced and colored as desired. No set-up necessary and simple to operate. 23 watt spiral fluorescent lamp included. Dark room required.
  Enlarges flat artwork and small 3-D objects from 2 up to 14 times onto any vertical surface.Illumination: 23 watt fluorescent lamp (included/8000 hours)Easy to useHorizontal projection onto any vertical surface.Lightweight and portableSilent operation.Ready when you are - no set up or assembly.Copy size: 5' x 5' (13 x 13 cm). Work in sections with larger designs and prints.Net Weight: 3 lbs.Lens: 200mm optical glass
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