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ABACUSSPIELE 69303 - King up!

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Abacus Spiele
King Up! is a new version of Stefano Luperto's Viva il Re! / King Me! which was released as an iPhone app in December 2009. (Seems daVinci/dV Giochi has a thing! for exclamation! points!) Here's a description of the game from dV Giochi: The enlightened monarch Vladimiro Miritiro tired of reigning has decided to choose his successor. Paladins cooks painters and all the other subjects in the kingdom bustle about for the throne. Help the King in this decision by advising their favourites and trying to crown one of them as the new King! Play your moves cunningly and bring your favourite to the throne! And my less fanciful more direct game description: The king is retiring and each of the 3-6 players has a list of characters the cook the artist etc. who they want to see in the king's place. Players take turns placing characters on levels of the castle; once they've all been placed they then take turns moving characters up levels one at a time. If a character is placed in the king's throne at the top of the castle everyone votes on whether that character becomes king. If any person uses one of their four 'No' votes the character is removed and worth no points; if all the votes are 'Yes' the game ends and each player scores points based on the height of all of their characters. The player with the most points wins. (Note that the cover shown here is a draft version and may change.) Description written by W. Eric Martin and used with permission of BoardgameNews.com

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