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Nexus Ops Board Game

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Nexus Ops is a board game of fierce sci-fi battles and fantastic alien creatures in which two to four players control factions of corporate troops and strange life forms on an alien moon. Players deploy troops from their home base to explore the landscape, mine resources, purchase troops, win battles, and fulfill missions, all in an attempt to gather enough power to claim the moon for themselves.

This new edition of the classic title features detailed plastic figures, fantastic new art, a clarified rulebook, and a host of optional rules. But for those looking for alternate ways to enjoy this classic conflict, Nexus Ops includes a range of optional variants, including King of the Hill mode, the deadly Vortex, and even a full set of alternate unit powers!

Key Selling Points

• A board game of fierce sci-fi battles on an alien moon

• Two to four players raise armies of fantastic creatures in a hunt for resources

• A new edition of a classic Avalon Hill game

• Features a host of optional rules, including a full set of alternate unit powers

• Includes over 160 plastic figures, plus nearly 100 tokens and

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