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Preisvergleich Produktbild Husk'sware Batman Fidget Spinner Led Hand Fidget Spinners Toys With Quiet Bearings(2min+)

Husk'sware Batman Fidget Spinner Led Hand Fidget Spinners Toys With Quiet Bearings(2min+)

von husk'sware
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Husk'sware Bat Shape Light Up Hand Fidget Spinners
High quality precision cut for the perfect slick style.
Equipped with a high performance Cageless Bearings!
Awesome Design
The Design were inspired by the fact that bats fly through the night without obstacles
Users can enjoy the soothing feeling of spinning the the toy and rubbing the smooth
edges of the bars.
Incredibly compact, and perfect for every day carry
Why This is the Right Fidget Spinner For You
There are multiple ways to play with these. Some people enjoy the feeling of rotating
smooth ball bearings between their thumb and fingers, while others enjoy
flipping the spinner on alternating sides.
Our product is convenient and pocket-sized. Designed for people who like to keep
their hands occupied to calm their nerves and/or increase their aptitude for
mental clarity.
Many people believe that this product can help them quit smoking , ADHD,
obsessive-compulsive disorder, ease anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder,
meditation and boredom, can provide users with a sedative effect
Our quality fidget spinner is the perfect choice to relieve stress, improve
concentration, or to assist in quitting bad habits.

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