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Muck Boot Arctic Sport II Mid Waterproof Insulated Rubber Boots Black Pink W8 US

von MUCK
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Women's Muck Arctic Sport II Mid WATERPROOF Insulated Rubber Boots. More than just ~cold comfort.~ Well, they ARE comfortable in temps down to an icy -40 degrees F, but there's more to the story than that. They've also been updated (that's why they're the Sport II) to deliver better durability and--more importantly--a better fit. Arctic Sport II Boots are made on a women's last, so they're not just ~down-sized~ men's boots... they're built from the ground up to fit a woman's foot. In the barn, on the mountain, on country roads or city streets, you can't beat the extreme-conditions performance of Winter Boots from Muck. The Muck Formula: It's all about Muck's exclusive, self-insulating, waterproof Neoprene shell construction. The Neoprene acts as a ~neutral medium~ between inside and outside temperatures, and can easily produce the same insulated warmth as standard lofted insulation. Natural rubber overlays act as a protective skin for the Neoprene bootie. The rubber will stay flexible for years, and thus, so will the Boots. A Little More On Muck: How good are Muck Boots After just 15 years in the rubber boot game, they've already ascended to the top of the heap, surpassing tried and true brands that have been hawking rubber boots for decades. That's because Muck delivers on the comfort and quality always, and you'll experience it first-hand. The finer points: Extended rubber uppers; 5mm Neoprene insulation delivers warmth down to -40 degrees F; Warm, soft fleece lining; Rugged slip-resistant outsole; Supportive dual-density EVA midsole with comfort insole; Comfort range: +40 degrees F to -40 degrees F; The upper calf and topline are made of neoprene, so they're flexible, not stiff. Pants can be worn over or inside the Boots; Each approx. 10~h. Order yours today! Women's Muck Arctic Sport II Mid Waterproof Insulated Rubber Boots

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